I recently added a bunch of timestamps to an ember application and wanted to assert that they were being saved in an acceptance test. To do this, I added an ember-cli plugin, ember-sinon, that adds the sinon library to the app.

Sinon has fake timers which can control the use of new Date() and Date.now(), which is exactly what I want to test since I’m using new Date() to set the attribute on the ember model.

I ended up with an acceptance test that looked like this:

import { module, test } from 'qunit';
import sinon from 'sinon';

let now = new Date();

module('Acceptance: ToDos', {
  beforeEach: function() {
    this.clock = sinon.useFakeTimers(now.getTime(), 'Date');
  afterEach: function() {

test('sets updated_at', function(assert) {

  andThen(function() {
    server.put('/', function(db, request) {
      let response = JSON.parse(reqest.reqestBody).response;
      assert.equal(response.updated_at, now.toISOString(), 'updated_at is set correctly');